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Aug 12, 2018

What do Brutus, Judas, and the false cleanerfish have in common? Why do they have massive fangs? Are plankton plants or animals or what? What is a client fish? 

Listen to some hilarious George Bush quotes, and find out the answers to the above questions on this episode of Species.


Aug 5, 2018

Why do some people call this animal the demon primate? And why does everyone call them the aye-aye? Does this creature have magical powers? What's with their bizarre middle finger? Is this creature the real-world grim reaper?

Listen and learn!


Jul 30, 2018

What's it like to get eaten alive? Hear the harrowing personal story of a real crocodile attack, and learn all about the largest reptile on earth on this episode of Species.


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Jul 22, 2018

How do hummingbirds fly, and is bee flight physically impossible? Can they fly upside-down? Why do pollinators matter? What about communism?

Find out all about the smallest bird in the world on this episode of Species.


Jul 15, 2018

This animal performs one of the most amazing displays of trickery in nature. Learn about a rock n' roll toad and get hit with an avalanche of bad comedy on this fun episode of Species.

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