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Apr 29, 2018

You see this animal every day, but do you know anything about them?

Today we will learn the different house sparrow calls and their meanings, reveal some wild places people have found this bird, and explain the history of their expansion from Israel to world domination.

Impress your friends by translating house sparrow...

Apr 22, 2018

Did President Woodrow Wilson declare war on sharks? How did an Australian golf course accidentally end up with a lake full of bull sharks? How do these animals survive in both freshwater and saltwater? What are my odds of getting attacked by a bull shark?

Come enjoy a couple of crazy stories, and learn all about...

Apr 15, 2018

Why do we find some animals so adorable? What is the science behind cuteness? Do pikas have accents? If the American pika dies at room temperature, how the heck are they adapting to global warming?

Come learn all about the animal who is somehow simultaneously asocial and cooperative, the adorable American...

Apr 8, 2018

The largest snake in Africa, a terrifying predator, an animal who swallows humans whole... The African rock python.

Does this animal have heat vision? Who would win in a fight, an African rock python or a hyena? What about a crocodile? How about a lion?

Find out on this episode of Species.


Apr 1, 2018

The only flightless parrot, one of the only nocturnal parrots, the heaviest parrot we know and perhaps the longest-living bird on earth... the kakapo!

Come learn all about this wonderful animal, and get all your questions answered: What is a lek? Why does each kakapo have a "boom-sac"? Who is Sirocco? 

Find out on this...