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Oct 29, 2018

Are vampire bats nicer than people? Do they really suck blood? Which came first, the vampire or the bat? Will their saliva save you from a heart attack?

Learn an absurd amount of facts about vampire bats so you have a conversation piece on Halloween.


Oct 21, 2018

Dorymyrmex bicolor. This species of ant picks up rocks, and drops them on their enemies. Is it war? Define war. Is it tool use? Yes... And what does that say about tool use? What can ants teach us about ourselves?


Oct 14, 2018

This vulture eats bones. Seriously. 85% bone diet. They also dye themselves red. Oh, and they maybe killed a Greek playwright by throwing a turtle at him. Not joking.

Listen and find out everything about the legendary bearded vulture on this episode of Species.


Oct 7, 2018

Neither mud nor puppy, this strange salamander is just a big baby. Like you. Seriously, you look like an infant. Listen to find out why! Also, find out all about paedomorphism and neoteny. Enjoy learning about the fascinating life and life cycle of the common mudpuppy on this episode of...