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Oct 26, 2020

Why was Thomas Jefferson embarrassed about American animals? Are there moose in New Zealand? What is the only weapon in the universe that doubles as a hearing aid?

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Oct 18, 2020

Come hear about an animal who is full of surprises, and learn about one of the most elaborate acts of deception in the animal kingdom.

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Oct 11, 2020

This animal has the vision of a video game character, and they glitch like one too. Come hear about the benefits of seeing urine and the hack to hover without hummingbird wings on this episode of Species.

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Oct 8, 2020

Juliet Gellatley is the founder and director of Viva!, one of the most effective animal rights charities in the world. In this conversation, she sat down with Macken to speak about her organization’s new film, “Hogwood,” an exposé of a British pig farm that put the corruption of related institutions on full...

Oct 5, 2020

Why did humans take so long to invent swords? How do swordfish use their swords? Is a swordfish bigger than my whole family? Find out on this episode of species.