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Nov 28, 2021

What's so special about the human brain?


If you would like to learn about human evolution, listen to Macken's audio course here: 

Nov 14, 2021

The honeyguide is, perhaps, humanity's oldest friend. We share a symbiotic relationship that is among the most complicated examples of mutualism in naturethe only natural instance of human cooperation with a wild animal. Come learn about one of Macken's favorite creatures on this episode of Species.


Oct 24, 2021

How do you breed betta fish in a US prison? How come betta bubbles don't pop? Why do betta fish gulp air? And what does this have to do with self-defense law? Come get your answers to these questions, and learn a bit about violence, on this episode of Species.


Oct 10, 2021

Welcome back! Thank you all for your support and patience over the summer. Come learn about what the platypus has in common with sharks, snakes, beavers, ducks, hamsters, and a bunch of other animals in this episode of Species.


Aug 8, 2021

Today I sat down with Professor Joe Henrich to discuss what makes our species special—which is, by his lights, culture. Our conversation centers on how culture develops, and from this topic, we managed to hit a wide range of other subjects, including but not limited to: the validity of children as models for...