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Aug 7, 2022

An essay about birds, music, and evolution.

Jul 25, 2022

How come some Christians risk their lives to hold snakes? Why do snakes have forked tongues? Do snakes "see" heat? Listen and learn the answers to all these questions and more!


Jul 10, 2022

Come learn about a singing, (mostly) monogamous acrobat!



Jun 26, 2022

This microscopic animal can survive in outer space. Find out how and learn about the toughest animal on earth (and off of it) by listening to today's episode!


Apr 24, 2022

Exam season is upon us. Until exams finish, I will be taking a hiatus from the show to focus. Donors, please feel free to pause donations until then; there are never any hard feelings from me, only gratitude towards you. Until we return, please feel free to enjoy the back catalogue, and the content below. - MM