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Every week, I talk about an animal. My goal is not just to tell you what the animal is. Yes, I compile all the "fast facts" about every creature I cover: Information such as size, lifespan, diet and habitat is sprinkled throughout each episode, and you will absolutely walk away an expert on the animal in question.

But for me, the process of telling you what is both simple and secondary. My sincere hope is that every episode I can share with you who they are, and why they matter. These animals are extremely important to me, and so every episode I fear that I will fail to impress this importance upon you. If you walk away from an episode feeling unimpressed with the creature I spoke to you about, it is entirely my own fault. Animals around us have unbelievably interesting abilities and adaptations, their lives are both beautiful and fascinating. Stories about animals can be dramatic, tragic, comedic, and epic. The animals I talk about are the most interesting and wonderful beings in the universe. As subject matter their intrigue is infinite, and so if an episode fails to inspire wonder, I bear full responsibility. 

This show is thoroughly researched. Unlike other informational podcasts, I make my sources entirely public. Every episode comes with a bibliography linked in the show description. My hope is that the credibility of my sources inspires confidence in listeners, and that the resources I have compiled can act as an avenue to more information for curious minds.

I hope you enjoy my show, and that I can share with you my love of animals.