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Mar 24, 2019

Whale sharks are the biggest fish, in the biggest pond on earth. This animal can get to be nearly 50,000 pounds and over 40 feet long. That is the length of a school bus, and double the weight! On this episode, Macken tells you all the fun facts about whale sharks, and gives you the best available answers to some of the following questions, like: 
Why the heck are whale sharks so dang big?
Has a whale shark ever killed a human?
Could a human fit in a whale sharks mouth?
Why do whale sharks have hundreds of sharp teeth?
Do whale sharks have any natural predators?
Why do whale sharks have spots?
Do whale sharks speak to one another?
Can whale sharks detect magnetic fields?
Why do whale sharks have the largest inner ears in nature?
Are whale sharks smart? Can they be tamed?
Why are herbivores often bigger than carnivores?
These are all extremely important questions, at it is vital that you get your answers to them. Have fun while you do so by listening to the show, and get a bad joke about tigers along the way.