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Mar 17, 2019

Learn all about an animal that is simultaneously man's best friend, and man's worst enemy. Discover how a massive, muscular carnivore was changed into a baguette-loving basset hound like mine, and find out everything you want to know about dogs and wolves. Learn the answers to all your wolf & dog questions, including: Why do wolves howl? Are wolves howling at the moon? Do wolves eat people? Why did we domesticate wolves, and how did we do it? How amazing is a dogs' sense of smell? Do wolves hunt in packs? Who runs the wolf pack, the alpha male or the alpha female? Does my dog love me the same way I love them? How many words can a dog recognize? What is the moral of the story "Little Red Riding Hood"? Can wolves and dogs interbreed? What is the difference between a breed and a species?
This episode starts with a discussion about how humans struggle with gray-areas, and touches on quantum physics, before diving into a conversation about why gray wolves—domestic and otherwise—are one such gray area. We find out the answers to all the questions above (insofar as the questions are answerable) and we learn all the fun facts about wolves and dogs that could possibly fit in a single episode of Species.
Some of the facts you hear today will be completely unbelievable, but we have the sources right here! Curious and skeptical minds, click the link to the bibliography for more information and factual verification.
And if you want to find out why your dog has floppy ears, click here.