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Mar 17, 2019

Learn all about an animal that is simultaneously man's best friend, and man's worst enemy. Discover how a massive, muscular carnivore was changed into a baguette-loving basset hound like mine, and find out everything you want to know about dogs and wolves. Learn the answers to all your wolf & dog questions,...

Mar 10, 2019

This animal may look pretty, but they can do some pretty ugly things to your nervous system. Discover the science of how octopuses change color, find out why "octopi" is grammatically incorrect, and learn about the scandalous mating techniques of this strange and dangerous animal all on this episode of...

Mar 3, 2019

Is color itself an illusion? Can blue jays speak English and imitate dogs? How can I get on Ellen? Do blue jays kill hawks? Do they use tools? Why do they mimic hawks? Are they bullies? What is so mysterious about them?

This episode will more or less answer all those questions, and together we will learn all about blue...

Feb 24, 2019

Was the movie "Alien" plagiarized? How does an anglerfish make their lure glow? Why do fish fall for such a simple trick? What does it feel like to be a male anglerfish?

The anglerfish might be the creepiest animal in the ocean. Find out what we know about them through the lens of the humpback anglerfish, on this...

Feb 17, 2019

This animal is nicknamed the "happiest animal on earth," but what do they have to be happy about? Not much, beyond hanging out with Roger Federer. Find out the meaning of "Rottnest" and learn about the child-sacrificing, lightning-fearing, gorgonzola-choking quokka on this episode of Species.